Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Monkeys are back!

Finally, my two oldest monkeys are home and my zoo is complete, once again.  I love how well my monkeys love each other - when we got to their grandparents to pick up David and Allison, the bypassed mommy and daddy to go straight to Wyatt to give him cuddles!  It makes my heart glad that they are so bonded.  Wyatt was jabbering at them most of the way home and giggling at their antics.  Of course, Mike and I finally got our hugs and kisses after they greeted their brother :-)

Ally with her "baby"

David, looking so grown up

This was the first year that the kids made it the whole trip without getting sad every time they talked to me.  It tugs on my heart a bit that they are growing up, but more so makes me proud of the fact that they are becoming more independent.  That means that Mike and I are doing our jobs well, in my opinion.  They did end up coming home a few days early but they were gone for 12 days and that is pretty long for a 5 and just barely 7 year old.

I am so grateful to Rosa, my ex-mother-in-law, for the love and attention she bestows on David and Ally, even though her son is no longer their (legal) dad.  She is an amazing woman who has so much patience - she took 4 grandkids total to visit family in Brownsville and she was by herself the last week of it (Jim, her husband, and Mimi, the kids aunt, had to go back after a week for work)!  It was a huge blessing to Mike and I to have the time alone together and with Wyatt and now it is wonderful to have all of my mokeys in one place.

My little monkeys

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  1. How fun!! I am glad things are working out so that they can know the good part of that side... and LOVING that last picture!!!