Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things Learned Thursday

This month, Wyatt has mastered creeping around like a grub worm!  It is completely awkward looking but hey, whatever works!

Yesterday, our sweet boy surprised me by pulling the blanket off of his face all by himself during our daily peek-a-boo game.  He has repeated it over and over since then and we both get such a kick out of it every time!

Today, he finally figured out how to put a piece of food in his mouth and let it go - the "let it go" part is new :-)

 He has also mastered sitting up without leaning on his hands or any object!  Here he is watching "So You Think You Can Dance"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago, the kids, Gramma Bay and I went to College Station to meet up with my cousin Megan and her 2 year old, Cole.  I can't believe that we haven't gone over to hang out before - naughty, naught Mandy. 
The HEB "grocery store" was a big hit to the 3 older kids...
A little team work cam in handy at checkout time
They had a baby/toddler play area that Wyatt got to enjoy.
And a crafts area for the kids to paint a tie for Father's Day.
Upstairs was a gigantic chess board!
What do you think guys, was it fun??? (and again with no up close shots of David - that kid is constantly on the move!)

Yep, I would say so!

Blueberry picking

A few weeks ago, we went with some of our friends to King's Orchard to pick blueberries.  It was hot but we had a lot of fun, ending the day with a picnic.  Here are some of the pics from that day!

That's David in his "farmer gear" on the left and Ally in her soccer shirt in the front.  This is the only picture I got of David that day - he was too busy playing in the blueberry bushes...
Ally took her blueberry picking job VERY seriously.
Even the babies got in on the action with the help of their (crazy) mommas.
By the end of the day, we had plenty of blueberries to eat as well as to make baby food with!  I also picked up some squash, zucchini, and nectarines to make Wyatt some food with - here it is!

What mommy does while the older kids are gone....

David and Allison have been gone with their grandma for a week now and the house is eerily quiet.  I miss them SO much as do Mike and Wyatt, but I am taking advantage of this time to do some things I have been thinking about....

First, I made a blankie for Wyatt....

Then, I made a blankie for Ally.  I also made her a pillow out of her old (WAY too small) pajamas that she didn't want to part with.
Then, I made David a blanket, per his request, and a pillow out of some extra fabric I had from making burp cloths.

Last, but not least, I made an apple pie from scratch, crust and all!

I am planning on continuing this streak of sewing and cooking when the kids get home, it is a lot of fun and very rewarding to me!

This has also been a great time for Wyatt to get some unheard of one-on-one time and for Michael and I to have great gobs of time together and it is just fantastic!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My baby boy...

I guess that you aren't really such a baby anymore - you are growing into such a wonderful little man. It is hard to believe that you made me a mommy 7 years ago today! This year you declared Jesus as your savior and joined my family in yet another, awesome way through baptism! You are still cuddly and so full of love. You enjoy building and drawing and have quite the budding artistic talent. You are a great helper with Wyatt and are so patient and loving to him and (90% of the time) to Ally. You are so smart and funny and I am so proud that you are mine - I thank God for you all of the time! Here are some of my favorite pics of you from when you were 4 months old (mommy is sorry - I can't find the pics from before then right now - I will by next year!) until the week before your 7th birthday!!

6 Months Old!!!

Okay, so I just realized that I didn't post for months 4 and 5 - let's pretend that I did it on purpose and am planning a quarterly update....not that I am just busy and not great at keeping up with my blog ;-)

So, in the past few months, Wyatt has gotten himself a girlfriend...who else but the girl next door!
Started solids...yes, it is always this messy
Started creeping and is doing a kind of half crawl...sometimes he gets himself stuck
Mastered the art of falling asleep wherever we are (poor third child)
He can also sit up for a little bit at a time, roll over both ways, and jabbers his little head off :-)
You've come a long way baby!

Wyatt Christopher - a couple of days old

6 months old - yes, he is ALWAYS this happy

Baby boy, you are LOVED!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I love people. I love spending time with them doing things, talking, or just being. I have been blessed by a wonderful circle of friends in Brenham that loves spending time together so on any given day, I am likely be able to find someone to hang with. Since 95% of my friends have kiddos, it works very well because it gets entertainment for the kids as well.
However, I have been super cranky to those closest to me over the last couple of weeks. After a bit of thinking, I realized what I had been missing since school let out. Quality time with my first love. I haven't spent ANY time reading my Bible, talking to God, just being with Him in the last few weeks since school let out. I am so thankful for grace and that the problem was made clear sooner rather than later.
During the school year, I had a really good schedule - wake up an hour before the kids, spend that time having my coffee with God, then be a happy, patient mom and wife the rest of the day. Summertime came and I just let it go - not intentionally, but I didn't intentionally make time for it either so Fail. I have also not been terrific about keeping up with laundry or making dinner most nights for my family, spending time with friends and at the pool with the kids overshadowed it all so Fail there too.
I know I am a good mom and wife and that fun in the summer is important, BUT I am going to take the next couple of weeks to reprioritize my life. 1. God 2. Family (this includes feeding and clothing them) 3. Friends - everything else will fit in between. So friends, if I seem to be missing in action more often than not or if I actually happen to say no to an outing, know that I love you and will catch you soon. This momma has got to get things right!