Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The silver lining and thinking outside the box

This week was busy before it even started. The plans where for me to go to Houston on a field trip with David's class on Tuesday, go to work in Houston all day Wednesday and Thursday (I normally work from home [very] part time but most everyone is out of the office this week for a trade show), Friday is a holiday which is fun but means that everyone is home so my routine and errands are blown out the window, plus we are meeting my brother and sister-in-law that afternoon halfway so the older two kids can have a sleepover (did I mention that my brother and his wife are AWESOME?). Saturday is going to be spent at my parents farm celebrating Easter with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and us, Sunday David is getting baptized (WOOT!!!) and we are hosting Easter lunch at our house. So, I was planning on getting all of my shopping and Easter preparations done on Monday since that was basically the only day that I could do it. I was a little overwhelmed by the busyness (Is that a word? Let's say it is.) of the week but life just happens that way sometimes so I was going with it.
Well, Allison woke up on Monday morning and before even getting dressed she threw up. Crap. I can't get my errands done or Easter prep (baskets, eggs and such) with a sick girl at home! Plus, the only available doctor's appointment wasn't until 4:30 and I didn't want to take her anywhere until I knew if she was contagious or not. I was very frustrated and put out by the whole thing (selfish, aren't I?). I finally got in the shower around 9 and was just rambling in my head about how annoying it was that my plans had gotten screwed up when all of a sudden, it hit me - I was making it all about me. My poor, sweet daughter was hurting and not feeling well and I was so caught up in how it effected me that I wasn't doing my JOB as a mother. I wasn't loving her like I should or giving her the attention she deserved. Needless to say, I got dressed and spent the rest of the day focusing on my sweet girl. I laid down with her at nap time, watched PBS with her, played video games with her, read to her, and just VALUED her. By the end of the day, my frustrations were gone and I had the attitude that things would get done, they don't have to be on MY time table. I was filled with an even deeper love for my daughter and appreciation for the time we had together.
Then, David got home from school and wasn't feeling well. Luckily, I am a quick learner (sometimes) and didn't get aggravated at all (it shouldn't seem like an accomplishment, but trust me - it is). I just took it in stride and was able to treat him from the beginning like I needed to, with love and attention. Ally, after being diagnosed with a UTI and started on antibiotics, went back to school on Tuesday and David and I spent the day just the same as I had with Ally the day before. The results were the same too - an even deeper love for my son.
At some point on Tuesday, my mom and I brainstormed about how to get things to work best the rest of the week. Luckily, my home office is set up as a virtual replica of my office in Houston. After talking to my brother (also, co-worker), it was decided that I could work from home just as well as I can work in Houston, and even get extra time in since I wouldn't have the drive. My mom would still come over and sit with Wyatt and pretend like I am not here :-) I will go do my shopping at lunch today and can work with Mike on Easter prep tonight! I am so grateful that my kids where each home sick one day this week - I don't get that kind of individual bonding with them often enough. (Yes, Wyatt was here but you know, he doesn't *actually* count yet lol)

Weekly Weigh In

Sweet! I am back on track - I lost over a pound this week, bringing me lower than before I fell off the wagon :-) I have now lost 11.3 lbs. - on1y 2.1 lbs. to go before reaching my 1st goal with Weight Watchers. Maybe I can do it this week?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I fell of the wagon...

So, after 4 weeks of perfect tracking and staying within point range, I fell off the wagon. I blame it on my lack of self control...and birthday cake ;-) Unfortunately, instead of jumping back on the wagon on Sunday, I chose to give up for the week and didn't track at all through yesterday. Fail. I guess that I should consider myself lucky that I only gained 1 pound instead of more, but I am mostly just annoyed at myself for falling back into a lazy eating pattern so easily. Well, I am back on the wagon today and going to go full force! Stupid lack of self discipline...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby girl....

I can't believe that you are 5! You have turned into such a beautiful little girl that is full of joy and love. You have a terrific sense of humor and love to help me organize. You are a wonderful big sister to Wyatt and a perfect playmate to David. You make my heart smile every day - I am glad God chose me to be your momma! Here are some of my favorite pics of you from day 2 until the day of your 5th birthday party!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Well, I failed to walk or work out at ALL due to lots of different excuses - let's set the goal again for 2 of each this week. Luckily, I still lost almost a pound! Total weight lost = 10.8 lbs. in 4 weeks. I'll take it!

Friday, April 1, 2011


This is how I feel right now.

Michael called me this morning with some news that is both good and bad. His company is transferring him to their Oklahoma location. This is good because it is a step up and we will be closer to his kids, but bad for the obvious reasons - family, friends, church, and having to sell the house with 3 young kids running around it. I am kind of in shock right now but am going to get started on making my to do list and hope that eases the stress. In the meantime here are some recent pics.

Okay, I'm just joking...I couldn't help myself!
April Fool's!!!!!