Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy baby!

Wyatt turned 3 months about 11 days ago and boy has he been busy since then!!! Our little baby has learned how to roll from his belly to his back - this is fantastic except that he does it at night and then wants to eat. That is a big change for me because he has been sleeping 11-13 hrs since he was a month old! This morning he woke up after rolling over at 4:15 am (ugh) and after I fed him, he was wide awake. I put him in his pack 'n' play while I made coffee and he made a new sound! He was making a trilling noise - very cute indeed! Mike kept an eye on Wyatt while I got ready for the day and had my quiet time and then I took over to get some play time in. I was tickling him and he laughed! He has been working up to it for a couple of weeks and finally got it out today. I am happy that David and Ally have a holiday tomorrow so that we can help Wyatt practice his new sound!

Mommy killed Santa Claus

Well, it finally happened - Santa Clause has been "outed" at our house. On Tuesday, Allison asked me if he was real and I just responded with my usual "What do you think?" and she answered with more questions about how Santa did his magic and how reindeer flew. My sweet, inquisitive daughter...I never had this issue with David, he was more accepting of things. Well, I just changed the subject and she let it go. That night, I got to thinking about how I learned that Santa wasn't real (through my brother's friend's mom telling him and him telling me) and, after talking to Mike, decided that the kids are getting to the age that they are going to either figure it out or hear it from a friend (very traumatic, trust me) so next time someone asked about it, we would just tell them the truth. Well, the very next morning, David asked if the Easter Bunny was real (for the first time ever) and I just looked at him and said no, not really. Surprisingly he said "Actually, I knew that." lol. I went ahead and killed Santa at the same time. There was a little sadness but no tears. Everyone perked up when I told them that one of the funnest parts of being a mom or a dad is being Santa and the Easter Bunny and that there would still be eggs on Easter morning and presents from Santa under the tree every year. Then, sadness turned to excitement when they realized that now THEY are in on this big secret and can help us keep it from Wyatt (and their friends!). So, Santa is gone for the older 2 but there is still one who will believe for a few more years, once he figures out what Santa is anyhow...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Weight watchers is still going well. This week I lost 3.6 lbs. That is a total of 10 lbs! Exercise went a bit better this week but not as well as I wanted - I walked once and worked out once. This week I am setting the goal to walk twice and work out twice.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

I lost 1.4 lbs. this week, hooray! I completely failed on working out and walking. I did zip, zero, zilch of both of them. Let's try this again, shall we? This week's goals are to walk 3 times and work out twice. I will make this happen!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First week weigh-in

Well, the first week is done and I lost 5 pounds - yay! Now for week two. Personal goals this week: work out 2 times and walk 2 miles at least 3 times.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Latest pictures

Going to his first rodeo!
All dressed up for the rodeo
Ally is WAY too happy to be handcuffed

Spring Performance

The kid's school had their Spring program last week and David's class was in it. The musical, "It Takes Two" was about Noah and the ark. It was super cute and well done by all of the kids. As some of you already know, David does NOT like the idea of performing. He does well when he does it but getting him to do it can be a challenge. Things started off smoothly for my little centipede (in the red).

He was dancing and singing and doing the choreography - so precious! happened. I am not sure what "it" is but "it" happened and he just shut down. Lucky for David, he was next to a friend that is taller than him and he chose behind her as his hiding place. The sweet girl kept TRYING to move out from in front of him but he kept following her. David's partner nicely tried to encourage him to keep on with the movements but David was having none of it. Here is a picture of David hiding...
With a few songs to go, David's class came off of the stage to surround the audience for a song....unfortunately David spotted his Jaja and jumped into his arms. Jaja had NO idea that David still had songs to participate in but I was already on my way to talk to David when it happened so I was able to get him back into position. His terrific teacher came over and talked to him and between her bribe of a GIANT chocolate bar and my bribe of a new Hexbug, David sucked it up and gave the performance of his life for the last few songs. He sang, he danced, he smiled - it was wonderful!

So, it took a little bit of effort, but for the first time, David got back up and finished the show after hitting his stopping point. I have great hopes that by this time next year, he will be able to make it through the whole show without breaking down!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

So far, so good...

I started walking this week on Monday and have walked every day so far. The first couple of days I did 1 mile and then realized that I could do a second just as easily and did 2 yesterday and today. Wyatt LOVES our walks - I think that he thinks that he is on a car ride, which is always a hit. I have 2 friends that I walk with so neither of them will get tired of me too fast ;-) as well as 2 different places to walk so I won't get bored too quickly :-) I am going to start back at Curves tomorrow thanks to my sweet grandma, Dede, who has volunteered to watch Wyatt on the days that her "helper" comes so that I can go work out. So my plan is to work out at Curves on Mondays and Fridays and to walk Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I may end up walking on Mondays and Fridays sometimes as well since Allison wants to start walking with me and those would be easy days to get in a "lazy walk". Of course, she may surprise me and keep a good pace - you never know with that one!
I started Weight Watchers yesterday and they have changed things a little so my official first goal with WW and myself is -12.1 lbs. I actually like that the percentage is smaller now - it will give me a quicker reinforcement! I have already had my first temptation - I went to Denny's for breakfast with a friend this morning. I usually will order the Grand Slam with pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and eggs...and eat it all with amazing amounts of syrup (gee, I wonder why I need to lose weight...). I obviously couldn't order THAT and I know myself and my love for syrup so I couldn't order pancakes at all. So, I did a little research BEFORE going to the restaraunt and was able to have bacon, 2 eggs, and a cup of fruit - totally filling and delicious for waaaaay fewer points! We are going out to dinner tonight too, to celebrate David's Spring Program performance (cause I have faith that there WILL be cause to celebrate) so I am about to plan ahead for that too. Not as easy as going and ordering whatever I want, but much healthier and using my brain IS a good thing after all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here we go again

I am finally feeling more like my normal self and it couldn't be more welcome. I actually have motivation to do things and care about what is going on around me. Being the other way just wasn't me and I am so glad to have me back! Now that I have gotten back on track emotionally/mentally, I am ready to get back on track physically. Before I got pregnant with Wyatt, I had been losing weight and getting healthy, working out regularly and such. I am within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight (after hitting it and then gaining back a few - oops) but nothing fits how I want it to and I am nowhere near where my "goal weight" is. So, I am going to join Weight Watchers online because even though I KNOW how to eat properly, it helps to have set boundaries - otherwise "what is one more cookie". I am going to make Wednesdays my weigh in day, making tomorrow my official start date. This will give me today to plan my week, join WW online, and figure out when exactly I will be able to fit working out into my new life with baby. If any Brenham mom is willing to baby swap for working out purposes (of course, if you just want some child-free time while I watch your little one(s) and will watch Wyatt while I work out, that is fine too), please let me know! Another reason for starting Wednesday is that I am making 2 different types of cookies and a batch of brownies today for our small group and I can't pass up the brownie mix left in the bowl so why set myself up to fail on day one ;-) I am going to blog about my progress weekly so if I don't, please ask me how I am doing - I do well with accountability.

Here are my "before" pics, courtesy of Ally:

I have a total of 82 lbs. to lose to reach the top end of my ideal weight. I would prefer to lose at least 90. My first goal will be to lose 27 lbs. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Respecting Sons

I have been reading a book called "Praise Her in the Gates" by Nancy Wilson that a friend posted about here: (how do you make the text say a different word than the url???). It was eye opening and I agreed with just about everything (if not everything) that the author had to say. One of the chapters is called "Respecting Sons" and I struggled with one thing that she said in it that is true and biblically based but hard to live out, for me anyhow. She stated that in order to respect our sons, we must NOT jump in every time they need protection. We must allow them to protect themselves and work things out themselves, not molly colly them and make them into mama's boys. I must confess that I have been doing a bang up job of creating my on little mama's boy...oops. It isn't like I actually set out to do this, but I have inadvertently taught David that I will fight his battles for him and he can come running to me to take care of every little thing. Is this the kind of man I want to raise or do I want to raise a man who will stand on his own two feet and be a provider and protector of his own family? Obviously, I want to raise the latter version of my son, so I am having to look at myself and make some changes...and it isn't easy! I still want David to know that if there is bullying going on or if he is in over his head, that he can come to me or Michael and we will help him, but he needs to try to work things out himself first. I want him to know that he can rely on me, but not to be dependent on me for everything. I have to figure out how to raise an independent, strong man....I am grateful that I have a husband who is a Godly provider and protector and will be a living example to this, but in the day to day, I am the one David is around more often so this falls to me. So, now I know WHAT I need to do, but how on Earth do I do it? Mothers of sons out there, do you have any advice?
My next post is going to be on a chapter in the book called "Loving Daughters" - not sure when I will post it but I got some good stuff out of it and, of course, questions as well.