Monday, February 28, 2011

Room change and big news

David and Ally get along so well, we are blessed that way. Obviously there are moments that they are about a minute away from killing each other but they are siblings, after all. Watching them play, I eventually realized that they are ALWAYS playing in the same room as the other. It doesn't matter what they are playing (usually), as long as they are together. At night, our biggest problem is that the kids will take turns getting out of their own beds to sneak into the other one's room - to talk, play, or sleep. After rolling it around in my head for a little over a month (yes, I actually thought something through instead of impulsively doing it - crazy, right?), I mentioned the idea to Michael. We decided to give it a trial run - last week we let Ally sleep in David's room every night to see how things would go. It went swimmingly! We gave them the boundaries (no playing, no getting out of bed, and don't let us hear you) and the punishment (no t.v. the next day) and they followed all the rules, without any complaint!
On Saturday, my parents invited the kids for a sleepover and Mike and I went to work. Now, Ally's old room is the play room - her old closet is a wonderful place for many of the toys too! Ally now has the top bunk in David's room to sleep in (her old bed is now in Wyatt's room in case we ever have a guest!) Amazingly, all of their clothes fit into one closet - this is going to make putting laundry away less of a hassle too!
On Sunday, when the kids got home, they were SO excited! They loved having a playroom and when it was time to clean up, no one could balk saying "but it isn't my room" - mwahahahaha. I am really happy with how things turned out and am so grateful to my sweet husband for being willing to give up a date night to move furniture around. We also got the remainder of our pictures hung so I feel like we are "really" settled in the house.
Oh, I almost forgot the big news! David is sleeping in big boy underwear at night! I realized last week that he was waking up dry and then just being lazy-I noticed that he never ever had to pee when he woke up. I decided on Thursday night to give undies at night a try (since I was going to do sheets the next day anyhow) and he stayed dry!!! Every night since then, even when he was at my parents, he stayed dry - we are so proud and excited! Now we officially are only buying diapers for one!

Will it ever end?

Ever feel sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well, I am SO sick of sickness it isn't even funny. Everyone in our house was hit by some form of the flu within the span 10 days, some of us got hit twice by different strains. Even I got sick this time!

By the time last Friday came around, I was SO happy to have everyone back in school and work that I could have done cartwheels! I had such big plans - I was going to have coffee with a friend, come home and decontaminate the house and do about 8 loads of laundry. So, I pop the laundry in the washer, grab Wyatt and head off to meet my friend and her baby at a local coffee house. We were having a grand old time just hanging out and talking about life with new babies when my friend looked at Wyatt and asked if he was okay. Nope, he had coughed and wasn't breathing - only for a few seconds but still scary. He did it again a little bit later and I decided to call the doctor. They didn't have ANY openings but could fit me in at 1:30 (this was a little after 10 a.m.). I took the appointment but over the next little bit, Wyatt started doing the same thing more and more so I decided to head on over to the doctor's office to see if I could get him looked at. They were SO full and running behind so there was no way Wyatt could get in. I headed home since there was nothing else I could do at that point, but I was really nervous about it. About 2 minutes after I left the parking lot, the nurse called and told me to take Wyatt to the ER. Come to find out, I would have been better off just waiting until 1:30....we got to the ER and got Dr. Quack - he didn't do his job well at all and when we left, I still felt like he didn't follow through enough. Case in point, they gave Wyatt a breathing treatment and it helped - when I asked if he could get us a prescription, he said sure and asked if I had a Nebulizer (breathing machine) at home. When I said no, he said "well, he should be okay" and didn't give me a prescription. Luckily, our awesome pediatrician was willing to write a prescription for the machine and medicine. It made a big difference and I am so glad that we had it. I will be calling the hospital to issue a formal complaint on Dr. Quack. You don't diagnose a baby before physically examing him and you DON'T tell the mom that if he turns blue, then I should come back - according to Dr. Quack, increments of not breathing aren't anything to worry about if there isn't a fever....

Thankfully, I was able to get the house aired out, scrubbed and all the laundry done on Saturday so I felt better and Wyatt stoped his episodes. This morning he has a nose full of green snot so we are going to the doctor....sigh. One day we will get a break from all this doctoring, right?