Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well hello again

Hey there! Yeah, I know, it has been awhile...again - what can I say? I have good intentions but everything I want to blog about is always happening so I don't have time to blog about it :-) Now that I am on modified bed rest, I have a little more time for things like this so I am going to try to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, my camera is broken so until Mike gets his film developed (I know!!!) I won't have any pics to update with.
What has been happening since my last post? Well, a lot obviously since that was (ahem) 2 months Okay, well first and foremost, the kids have started back to school! (Don't say duh, it's rude *snicker*) Ally is in prekindergarten with the same teacher that David had and is doing quite wonderfully! She is writing her name and can write a few other words as well. This year I have seen a big change...well, maybe not cahnge..let's say enhancement for lack of a better word, in Ally's behavior. She has been strong willed since day 1 and that has just grown to teenage proportions this year - she is so darn cute about it too. Of course, being the good parents that we are, instead of acting like it is cute when she does it, she gets time out immediately..then later after she is asleep we will laugh about it. Seriously y'all - it is hard not to outright laugh until I think about how she will be as a teenager if we don't stop it now....then it isn't too funny (see for example: my teenage years). Ally does have the greatest sense of humor and is so full of love and cuddles that it totally counteracts her disobedient moments though. David is now in first grade! *sniffle* My baby is now reading so well it amazes me. He will tell me things that I forgot that I knew (or even things I never knew) and just shock me with his ability to retain information! The big change this year for him is that he started on meds for his ADD - all I can say is praise God that these exist! Even my dad who is anti-medication agrees that they have only had a positive effect on David. We still have listening issues (AKA - being disobedient) but I am pretty sure that is going to be a life long struggle for any parent. As long as the good outweighs the bad, I am okay with it...not that I won't keep trying to get him to listen the first time! (Seriously though, I certainly am not always the best example of immediate obedience so it is hard to get too upset).
The kids are both playing soccer this year! I am so thrilled because I love soccer - I loved playing and now I love watching them play. David and Ally both have great teams this year and are really enjoying it. I was able to make it to a few games but it is just too much at this point so I will have to rely on play by play reports from the kids, Mike, and my parents for the time being. Mike is coaching David's team and is really enjoying it! David's team is currently undefeated and at Ally's level they don't keep score (that is a good thing too because her team is, well, more enthusiastic than skilled at this point).
Mike got hired on full time at MIC effective October 1st - this was what we had been hoping and praying for and now I can totally relax about moving to PT work after the baby comes.
Speaking of the baby...well, we are having a boy! His name is Wyatt Christopher and he is currently in training to be an ultimate fighter. He is going to be a big one - at this point he is measuring about 3 lbs. 6 oz. versus the average of 1-1/2-2.2 lbs. I had to take the glucose test this past Friday to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes but I am not too worried - my family makes big boys, after all! I am now 6 months along and on modified bed rest for pregnancy-induced hypertension. This is old hat to me since I was in the exact same position with David at 6 months. The big difference this time is that I am able to work 100% from home (from my couch office that Mike set up) and we have so many friends that are supporting us in this time. Last time around, I was in a marriage to a guy who couldn't be bothered to help with stuff and had only my mom to rely on since I had no friends due to marital circumstances. This time, I have a husband who is willing to do everything and more for me and around the house, still have my terrific momma, and SO many friends who are helping with meals and the kids. You guys will never know how much a difference this makes in my heart *tear*. The kids have been surprisingly understanding about mommy's inability to do the things they want and are used too - hopefully that will last the duration. They are really excited about their new baby brother so that should help too.
The nursery is just about ready! Just waiting on a couple of more items for it to be complete..and they are on their way via UPS! Dede bought us a changing table and that is on it's way and Mike gave me the go ahead to buy the glider/ottoman combo that I have had my eye on and that is on its way too. My mom spent a million dollars at Target so we are set with clothes, at least to start ;-)
Okay, well my BP is heading up so I am going to lay down for a bit - I hope to be back soon!