Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New House pics

Yes, yes, these are greatly delayed, I know...but, here they are - better late than never, right?

Entry way

David's room (natural light is good to play in, but not so good for pics lol)

Ally's room

Nursery (haven't done much yet, obviously)

Kid's Bathroom

Living room

Living room, angle 2

Study (see, that's me updating my blog!)


Kitchen, angle 2

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master closet

The man cave, I mean garage

There you go, that's our house! We are loving it!!!

Family vacation

This year, our family was blessed to travel to California with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. While there, we went to Disney Land, Lego Land, and Universal Studios.

The kids with Gramma Bay and Jaja (my parents)

The kids with Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly (whom they chose to hang on most of the time that we were together)

David at Lego Land Driving School

Princess Allison

David Lightyear
It was so much fun! The kids went on big roller coasters that even I couldn't go on because of being pregnant. David rode Splash Mountain and said it was "terrifying" and then turned around and he and Ally went on Thunder Railroad! Those kids are WAY braver than I thought they would be!

We stayed up late every night but the kids napped when they could, even if it was at dinner...

I am grateful that we all had the energy to maintain a fun pace and full schedule the entire time we were there, including swimming at the hotel on our "breaks". Everyone got along and no one (read: the pregnant lady) got hormonal at all!
I can hardly wait to go again in a few years!