Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip to grandma's....

A trip to grandma's house means time with family, and new experiences....this time we learned how to make mud pies...some took it farther than others....

Then, we learned new games that Aunt Krystal is one of the big hits...

After all the fun, the kids all had baths and received prizes their Aunt Krystal brought...

I love seeing my kids have just as much fun with my cousin's children as I had with my cousins growing up! We are blessed to have such a wonderful family!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm back!!!

So many things have gone on since my last post and I am really excited about all of them. We have had some great news and made some decisions and changed our minds again and made new ones. I promise pictures within the next week of Easter and other cute moments but am just too tired right now to bother walking across the house to get my camera :-)

First off, I am pregnant, YAY!!! There will be a new Sieja by the end of this year (or thereabouts). I am tired all the time and feeling nauseated most of the time but over everything else, I am joyous to be carrying this new life inside of me!

Secondly, our house is coming along so fast! The outside is done, the walls are sheetrocked, taped and floated, lower cabinets and trim are in, and they are building our back deck! All that is left is the rest of the cabinets, painting, floors, and fixtures (and landscaping, fo course)! I emailed the contractor today to see if I could nail down an exact date but as of a couple of weeks ago he was leaning towards the house being ready in the middle of June! That means that I am starting the great clean out process that occurs when you move. I have already gone through my closet and the kids closets and toys, all that is left is books, filing cabinet, linen closets and bathroom cabinets.

Thirdly, Mike and I had rached the decision a month or so ago that I would start homeschooling David and Ally this coming fall. However, since finding out I am pregnant, I have begun thinking that perhaps this isn't the best time to start that. I hate change, especially when I am so secure in a decision, but life happens sometimes and you have to adjsut - in this case for my own sanity and even more so for my kids. There is no way that I can teach them to the level I desire with a newborn around. The good news is that since we had already worked out with my dad/employer that I would go down to a lot fewer hours and only work at the office one day a week starting this fall, it was a really easy jump to go to only working from home. We are now planning on me continuing to work up until Thanksgiving at the full time load that I am now (still at home 3 days a week), mostly because I love my job and honestly, the extra money will come in handy considering we are having to start over in buying baby things!

Fourth and finally, my baby boy is so smart! Yes, I am braggin, but this is my blog and if you don't want to read about my awesome children, then leave :-) We took David in for testing due to some behavior problems in school and found out that while he has ADHD, he is also extremely smart! He is just about done with Kindergarten but on the IQ test, he rated at a 2nd grade level in just about everything and on the 2 things he didn't (spelling and something else), he was upper first grade! He also has a 131 IQ which is "very superior" - now don't tell him that cause he already knows that he is smart lol. The only struggle with keeping him in school is that he will have to be on some kind of medication :-( I am going to try to get a meeting with his next year's teacher to see if this is something that can be worked around. I want to avoid it if at all possible. If it isn't possible, I understand, but I am going to explore all avenues before just giving him meds.

Oh, and to brag about my Ally too - she can write her name now!!! She can write David's too! It is like it happened overnight but she is getting smarter everyday! Cuter too - she has some kickin' dance moves that come out ANY time she hears music...even on the elevator much to complete strangers entertainment...

This time I mean it, I will be back soon - and with pictures!