Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter walk

David's class had an Easter bonnet walk this past Thursday. I am not too sure of my creative abilities so I freaked out a little bit when we got the note home saying that we needed to create an Easter bonnet. Plus, I had been sick so I couldn't ask my mom to come over and help :-) So, I get instructions on supplies from David and hit Wal-Mart. When David came home, we created the coolest Easter bonnet ever - see for yourself! I think he looks quite dapper in his fake grass, bluebonnet, and egg covered cowboy hat, don't you?
We didn't want to get any phone calls about David's behavior this time, so Michael volunteered to go on the walk with him (and take pics of course). Here is David's entire class:

My baby girl

So, my baby girl is going to be 4 in 4 days *sniffle* She already knows who she wants to marry (now we all know that will change but how cute is that!) and that she wants to live with her brother after they move out of mommy and daddy's house. My daughter is a bundle of energy and love who just showers both wherever she goes. She is independent and very vocal about her opinions. She is trusting and loves to cuddle. She loves to sing and dance though her talent is "still developing" on the singing. She has lots of friends but still chooses her brother as her best friend (on most days). Here she is, my baby girl...