Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is official!

Today was such a wonderful day! Up there in my Top Ten. Of course, I really only have a Top 3 at the moment, but that will change :-) First on my list is the day that I FINALLY understood the great redemption that is Christ. Second is my wedding day to my wonderful husband. Third is today. Today, a judge granted my ex-husband's petition for termination of parental rights and (here is the fun part) Michael's petition to adopt David and Allison! In the petition, we requested that David and Allison's last name from Kruse to Sieja. We also requested that David's full name be changed from Carl David to David Jonathon. For those of you who don't know, Carl is also my ex's first name. David came to Mike and I a few weeks ago and told us that he didn't want to have the name Carl anymore and honestly, who can blame him? Would YOU want to share a name with a man who not only was abusive, but also totally disowned you? Yeah, I didn't think so. Effective today, Mike is the kids father in all the ways that matter. We are now OFFICIALLY The Sieja's!

I have to brag on my sweet hubby for a second...When the judge asked him if he wanted to be the kid's father, be responsible for them emotionally, financially, and in every other way for the rest of their lives, he did not say yes. He said "Wholeheartedly" - I am not a happy crier, but I teared up right there. I am so grateful for our family and the man God made for me.

On another note, week 1 with no daycare went very well! Both kids and parents are loving it and no one has lost their mind yet :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, I am SO very excited!!! After an excruciatingly long period of negotiations (okay, so more like a week...), we have come to a wonderful conclusion! The kids no longer have to go to daycare!!! Thanks to my dad who is currently both dad and boos to Mike and me, we have worked out a schedule that is going to work for everyone involved. I will work at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, then go pick the kids up from school (PK3 for Ally and K for David) at 11:30. On Mondays, Mike will go to Bryan to work at the storage facility my dad is business manager for and on Wenesdays and Fridays he will go work in Houston at Esco from 7:30 - 4, allowing him to beat traffic. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mike will work at home in the mornings, then go pick the kids up from school at 11:30. Those are the days that I get to go into work, same hours. This is the best of both worlds because it lets our kids be home and I also get the benefit of being around grown-ups in the real world 2 days a week. Fantastically enough, it works out great for the company too! I think that this is going to be so good for the kids who have had a really rough 18 months and a pretty volatile life before that. This will be the first time that they will really be able to have a consistent, stay at home parent routine and life and I am just full of joy and praise God for answering our prayers in an even greater way than we could have imagined, and so quickly too! Even though the kids are paid up for daycare through the end of the month, we are starting this schedule immediately - they are more important than any "lost money"...of course, that isn't going to stop me from asking for a partial refund but I truly don't expect to get it :-P

Thanks daddy for all that you did and all the time and number crunching involved to make this work - there is no better JaJa than you anywhere on this Earth!

Another awesome thing that is going on is that Mike has signed up for the Alternative Teacher Certification. He starts at the beginning of February and it is on-line! So, we are praying and expecting that he will be teaching history somewhere starting next fall!

God is GOOD!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy bees

Well, I thought that I would be better at posting more often but it always drops to the bottom of my to-do list. The kids are watching a movie, the husband is making dinner, and the house is basically picked up so I am stealing a few moments to post.
Last week started off tough for little David. On Tuesday, he got sent to the principal's office by 10 a.m. - I remind you, he is 5 years old, so it takes a LOT to get to that point. This is actually the second time that he was sent to the office this year and we have had many notes home about his behavior. So, I bit the bullet and scheduled a conference with the teacher. Before I went in, I had all these thoughts in my head about how she would tell me that he is misbehaving because I am a bad mom, that he shouldn't be in school yet because he isn't mature enough, etc. Okay, so I have a bit of a worry problem, I am working on it! What actually happened when I got there is me bursting into tears when we started talking about David's issues in school. It is hard when one of your kids is having trouble, y'all! After we talked, we were able to come up with a plan of action - one that should have been obvious to both of us. The bottom line is consistency. David can be VERY vocal (aka throw a huge tantrum) when things don't go his way (yes mom, I know he gets it from me-shhhh), so it is sometimes just easier to give in. For the teacher because it disrupts the class and for me because I was just so tired for so long being a single mom. We decided that even if it is harder for awhile, we would be firm, loving, and consistent with our actions and always follow through on what we said. In addition, Mike and I started praying (even more) for David to learn obedience and respect and for all of the adults in his life to have patience and wisdom in helping him learn. I expected it to be a rough couple of weeks following, wouldn't you? Well, miracles still happen it seems because from last Wednesday all the way through yesterday, David stayed on green (meaning he had little or no problems behaving in class) EVERY DAY!!!! Today, he had a tantrum one time, but honestly I am okay with that - we all have bad days. The thing he has to learn is to not let it last all day.

On a fun note, art classes and gymnastics started up again!!! The kids are so happy about this. So am I because Ally loves her gymnastics and David loves his art classes so they kept asking "When are we going to go? Why are they still closed?" I started going back to my mom's Bible study yesterday now that my schedule is back to normal and am so happy about that.

What else... oh! my January goals! Well, I am doing pretty good on most of them! I have been going to Curves at least 2 times a week and am going to go 3 times a week starting this week. I am doing the Wii Fit 2 times a week - I have to get on that tonight, now that I am thinking about it...The boundaries are in the works but I think they are getting closer to where they should be. I have stayed faithful to putting God first and am on day 14 of 14 in my year-plan for reading the Bible! We have not had dinner out except for 1 time this month. We are cooking at home and I am making Mike and I lunches just about every day. I hope that my patience is getting better but Mike would be a better judge of that :-) I will have a weight update on Monday - that is the weigh-in day for my Curves weight loss class. I haven't invited anyone new over yet this month, but have invited a new friend for coffee tomorrow so I am counting that :-) AND.....I have quit smoking!!! No ciggies for me since last Thursday!!!

Well, I think that covers the biggies...I am off to explain to David why a popsicle can't come before dinner.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another New Year, more resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I can hardly believe that it is 2010! Well, we are now "in the future" so where are all of the flying cars? Every year, people come up with resolutions and most of them don't last longer than it takes for the next week to come around. I am going to try something different this year and see if it works. I am going to make "new month" resolutions. This month, I resolve to:
1. Go to Curves and work out at least 2 times a week.
2. Work out on Wii Fit at least 2 times a week.
3. Take a walk with my family at least 4 times a week.
4. Lose 7 lbs. (okay, so I really want to lose 10 this month, but I don't want to fail my first month out now do I?)
5. Create and maintain boundaries in my life with my children, husband, parents, friends, and even strangers. Not all of these are equally needed, but every once in awhile should be taken a good look at.
6. Invite at least one new couple over to hang out at our house.
7. Put God first, even if it means I don't get to watch t.v. that night.
8. Be more patient with all those listed in #5 - I am thinking that #7 will help with this.
9. Eat meals at home, around the table, at least 4 nights a week, weekends are ever changing so I can't count them.
10. Quit smoking, this time for good. I am going to an acupuncturist on Tuesday to help with the withdrawal symptoms so now I just need to stick with it!

Okay, that seems like a good start, to say the least. I am going to give you all my total weight loss goal just so that I can be accountable to more than myself - I need to lose 75 lbs. I lost 60 over a year ago in about 9 months. I have stayed within 7 lbs. of this but still have a long way to go. I welcome any hints and especially recipes that are healthy and not terribly time consuming. I ask for prayer that I will be able to stay faithful to all of these resolutions because they are essential to me becoming a healthy woman.

What are your resolutions? How are you planning on keeping them?