Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My kids crack me up...

I get such a kick out of some of the things that my kids say, I want to share some of them with y'all (and save the memories!).....

Last night I had some work to finish up after I got home and the kids were playing in the study. The play turned into LOUD play and the conversation that followed went like this:
Me: "David and Ally, I am trying to concentrate on work so if you want to stay in here with me you have to be quiet, okay?"
Both kids: "Okay mommy"
David starts playing quietly and Ally lasts about 5 seconds and then...
Ally: (very loudly) "I am being quiet mommy! See mommy, I am being quiet! Aren't I good at being quiet mommy?"
Me: "Ally, sweetie, if you are telling me that you are being quiet, then are you really being quiet?"
Ally: "Oh."

Last night at bedtime we hear Ally playing in her bed...
Me: "Ally, are you sleeping?"
Ally: "Yes ma'am."
Mike: "Can you sleep a little more quietly please?"
Ally - "Okay Daddy"

This past summer, Ally and I had a great miscommunication. I asked her if she wanted bubbles in the bathtub and she got all excited and said yes. So, I ran the bath, with bubbles and she was playing and looked at me and said, "Mommy, you forgot Bubbles." I told her no I didn't, and pointed to the bubbles in the tub. She stood up and said "No mommy, Bubbles is outside, go get him!"....She was talking about Bubbles, our dog.......

Today, David asked some of the oddest questions. Here are some of the questions that I had to figure out how to answer today:

"Mommy, what color is the devil?"
"Mommy, when I die, will I be in heaven with George (my grandpa) and my yellow balloon I let go of a long time ago?"
"Mommy, is my heartbeat the devil knocking on my heart trying to get in?"
"Mommy, why isn't my birthday more important than God's?"

One of my favorite's from a couple of week's ago is "How can Jesus fit into my heart if he is bigger than me? Wait, maybe it is the kid Jesus in my heart and when I grow up, I will have the grown up Jesus in my heart. Is that right mommy?"

Random fact of the day: If enough Legos go down the tub drain over time, it will stop working. Thanks Mike, for snaking them out of the drain!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A very merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, full of family...LOTS of family. We started on Christmas Eve at my parent's house and didn't finish up until yesterday! This included spending Saturday with my grandparents who were also celebrating 60 years of marriage! What a wonderful blessing to be part of.

We didn't get the kids back until the evening of the 25th, so Santa came to our house that night. Here is what it looked like after Santa got everything set up.

And here is some of the destruction, I mean opening of gifts...we have 16 bags of trash in the garage right now!

The kids got "Everything they always wanted" with their presents, including a fish tank and scooter and I got the best gift of all - my soul mate as my husband.

We have found places for just about everything and the kids are home for the next week to enjoy them! Well, of to see the Squeakuel :-) Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My baby boy's latest milestone

Goodness me, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention little David's big news! He lost his first tooth!!! He was so excited,a s was the whole table (we were at lunch before the wedding). He got a big round of applause. Here is picture of my "baby's" new smile.

The Perfect Day and Beyond

Hey y'all! Well, we are back from our honeymoon, but still "honeymooning" since the kids are gone until Friday - my fabulous husband is at the grocery store and I finished my jobs of unpacking and straightening the house so I am going to catch everyone up on the weekend!

Thursday, December 17th
Mike and I drove into Houston to work half a day (-ish) and enjoyed our company Christmas party. There was delicious food, tasty wine (and an overzealous waiter ready to refill after each sip), cool gifts, and terrific company! After the party, we drove to pick up my new sister, Isla (okay, officially she is Mike's sister but I am claiming her because she is awesome), my cute new niece, Lola, and Mike's best friend (and my good friend), Jeremy. We road-tripped to Brenham to pick up David and Ally and go to the rehearsal. We got the timing of everything agreed on while kids ran around like monkeys. After the rehearsal, the gang, along with my mom, went back to our place for pizza and hang out time. Then, the girls and the kids headed to Chappell Hill (at the farm, my parents place) for the night. The boys stayed back to hang and have some bromance time playing video games. The grown ups were all tired at the farm but the little monkeys were wired and stayed up until 10! My favorite line of the evening was when Ally wanted to go watch a movie with David and Lola in the loft, she said "Mommy, I am going to go watch a movie with the children"...someone may need to tell her she is a child too....

Friday, December 18th - The Big Day!
Little Miss Priss, AKA Ally, woke up at 5:00 a.m. for some reason! Thankfully my mom handled her and let me sleep until I woke up at around 7. I made the executive decision that Allison, who by this time was in the whiniest mood ever, would skip school and stay with me at the farm and rest for awhile (yes, I was very tempted to send her whiny self to school and keep my sanity but had to think ahead to no nap time this p.m.). I took the morning to just chill and my mom took David to school, and being the saint he is, brought Starbucks back for everyone (coffee for grown-upos, hot chocolate for the girls). We loaded up around 10 and headed to Brenham to get our hair done, which the girls completely loved and I wish I had pictures of! We met the guys for lunch (because I missed my honey and wanted to spend time with Jeremy while he was in town) and then split up again to get ready for the wedding. We went to the church about 45 minutes ahead of time and just hung out and tried to talk David into not being so hyper - I just knew that he was going to trip and get all muddy the way he was running around outside, but he never did (phew!!!). I got a little freaked out right before the ceremony because Mike's mom and stepdad got there just before 4 and I thought they would not make it, but again - it was worry for nothing. Unfortunately, my cool new brother, Daniel, got caught in traffic and missed the wedding but made it in time for the rehearsal so I got to get to know him a little.

I finally got David to walk down the aisle by tying my engagement ring to the ring pillow and he did the walk stoically.

Ally and Lola, the princesses, did a great job as flower girls.
Finally, I got to walk down the aisle to marry my own Prince Charming. I don't like being up in front of a lot of people, but once I reached him, everyone else disappeared.

Then, off to the rehearsal dinner where everything went wonderfully and tasted delicious! My new husband and I drove to Austin that night for our honeymoon.

Saturday, December 19 - Monday, December 21

We went and saw two movies, went shopping, and ate some yummy food. We tried to go to a couple of places but things were closed for some reason so we just drove around a little more. We did go to a romantic dinner at a place called "Romeo's" that my cousin Carly recommended and that was terrific! Basically, the honeymoon was relaxed and fun and we did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted - how great is that!

So, now we are home and so rested and happy that I don't know what to do with myself! I think I will curl up with my honey and watch some t.v.

Here are a few more pics...

Our little family

The wedding party

The he-men...I mean...Mike, my bro, and Jeremy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Double Wedding?

David and Allison are almost as excited as Mike and I are about the big day tomorrow - this is really good news because last time they were in a wedding (my brother's), they both balked at coming down the aisle and did not want anything to do with it from the get-go. At the reception, my brother told me that he had asked David what was wrong before the wedding and he answered "I don't wanna get married!" They ended up doing all right because my terrific sister-in-law let them hold hands with a bridesmaid as they walked down the aisle, but I was a bit nervous about how they would react to being in our wedding.

Well, apparently his feelings have changed because he told me this week that he wants to marry Ally when I marry, she is your sister David, you can't marry her. Ally inserts her voice into the argument stating "but I love him!". So, we try to explain that the way you love your sister or brother is different than the way you love the one you marry. It seemed like they understood until I heard David say, as they were walking away..."When we grow up, we won't be brother and sister anymore and then we can get married!" *sigh*

I am sure they will figure it out eventually, but at least I know that they love each other, even if they do ask to trade each other out for a new brother or sister weekly.

Tonight is the rehearsal and I finally get to met Mike's best friend (from Lubbock) who I have become friends with long distance. We will all have dinner together then, Isla (Mike's sis), Lola (the niece), David, Ally, and I are going to my parents house to hang out and sleep over and I won't see Mike until the wedding *sniffles*. Jeremy and Mike are going to stay at our house playing games and catching up. I will post when we get back from our Austin honeymoon!

The brother and sister in question :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Dear One"

David is taking art classes since he takes after my mom and grandma and already draws waaaay better than me. I took him last Wednesday and he appeared to be wrapped up in his drawing while the teacher was instructing another student. All of a sudden I hear his little voice...

David: "Excuse me, Miss Teacher"

Mrs. Parker (aka "Teacher"): "Yes David"

David: "I am 'dear one'."

(It seems that David overheard Mrs. Parker call another child "dear one" and was a bit possessive of the endearment.)

Mrs. Parker: "Yes, David, you are 'dear one'."

David: "But teacher, you called her 'dear one'. That's my name. You can't call her that!"

Mrs. Parker: "How about if I call her 'dear'? Is that okay dear one?"

David: "I guess that's okay"

He caught her 3 times that day slipping up and calling another student dear one and called her on it every time. Thankfully, she is a kind-hearted woman with a soft spot for my dear one.

Getting with the program

I have been enjoying blog-stalking my friends and family so much that I am finally breaking down and joining the blog-madness. I hope that adding pictures isn't too complicated :-) So, welcome to our blog! Big news this week: Mike and I are getting married on Friday!!!
Last night, Mike's mom, sister, and niece came over to visit and have dinner. I am really happy to be getting such a great family along with my future husband. David, Ally, and my almost-niece, Lola, enjoyed each other a lot. The girls were fast friends and once Ally got tired, falling asleep on the couch at 6:30, David and Lola had a lot of fun too.
Tonight, we are opening up our own little Santa's Workshop after the kids are asleep to wrap all the gifts because I sure don't want to have to spend my first week of marriage staying up wrapping gifts!
In other news, we signed papers to start a new house in our current neighborhood! David got a little ahead of himself when telling his almost-grandma about who the bedrooms are for and stated "we are gonna get a baby and that's where it will sleep!" in regards to the 4th bedroom! We are NOT pregnant - we just want to get this started so when we DO decide to add to the family, we are ready...hopefully David will be as excited when the event actually happens.